Space Micro Fic #21

A moment, a silent second, and all the world changed. To a clan such as theirs, a moment was an eternity. How time was measured by the lesser lived, by those who counted their lives by the turnings of planets and satellites, could not come close to accounting for the eons that their lives spanned. … Continue reading Space Micro Fic #21


A time lost in shadows Speaks of a young woman Clothes in starlight Armored with void dust; Her sword the elegant curve of spacetime Her feet as swift as angel wings Her eyes two blazing supernovae Her skin as black and as rich as space itself. She, who the stars sang lilting lullabies to in … Continue reading She


The egg was nestled in a dusty jar, settled in the far back of an overfull cupboard bulging with dusty tin cans and dirtier jars. Little light reached the egg, and the incubus was glad of it: no real children could be born after being drenched in sun, and play, and laughter. Every fortnight, the … Continue reading Incubate