Space micro fic #5

Be glad that a star has never fallen in love with you. The thought sounds romantic, doesn’t it? The thought that you, an infinitely small speck of sentient dust on a  marginally bigger rock, have somehow managed to capture the attention and affection of one of the almost infinite multitude of burning, raging balls of power endlessly spinning in the frigid dark of our brane. Perhaps you have, and the horror has not been visited upon you yet. Perhaps it has, and you have somehow made your way back to Earth. You are lucky if you have. So many have been lost.

Bree was one such unfortunate soul. She was snatched from her bed by a star that called itself Spark. At the time, she was enjoying spring break at her parents’ house. They were very proud of their daughter and were known to boast of how well she was doing in the astrophysics field. She was born loving the stars, they would often say. It’s only right that one should love her back.

Spark found Bree several eons before her birth. It was the star’s habit to look far into the future and watch the universe expand and cool. Life was such a curious thing to Spark. At least, organic life was. It was fascinating to watch the corpses of stars coalesce and gain sentience, to live and breathe and move in ways that Spark had never conceived of. The star longed to observe this phenomenon up close, to be a part of it, and so it searched. Millions of years passed, and Spark was forced to
look farther and deeper into the always changing future, searching the near
infinite threads until it found her, the one it would spend a life with.

Her form was curiously elegant to Spark. There was a lovely simplicity in the finite boundaries of her dull, carbon-based form and in the almost imperceptible warping of spacetime around her. Spark’s projected form was at first too star-like in its intensity; the delicate skin that touched Spark’s hands and chest burned and blistered in less than the time it took for the star to construct the wormhole that lead to the Earth-like planet that orbited its true body. Spark shook its head in wonder and drastically scaled back its brightness and heat until it was just as visibly
dull as Bree.

To Be Continued.


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