Bly the Necromancer’s taxidermy shop 

If you buy one of the many animal mounts or skulls or bones for sale at Bly the Necromancer’s taxidermy shop, don’t be surprised when they move. You see, the moonlight activates the spells Bly has put on them, and in the dark they whisper all the secrets the necromancer has told them.
Customer reviews on Yelp often describe how, after rising from tr heir warm bed for a midnight glass of water, they’ve caught the raccoon in the mouse vials, all of them open and the delicate bones vibrating with excitement at the thought of being whole again. Though there was no flesh on the raccoon’s skull, it still somehow communicated a sense of sheepishness as it made its way back to its mount, bones whispering as they scraped against each other.
Some customers complained that Bly never warned them that the bird and bat skeletons needed to be kept in cages. He never told them that the tiny skeletons would disintegrate as the animals attempted flight. Nor did he tell them of the haunting rattle of vertebrae as songbird and predator fought each other.
Other reviews told of the deer and bear mounts, how they barked and fussed at each other from moonrise to moonset. Veteran customers were almost able to decipher what the conversations might be about. Others, finally fed up, simply separated the mounts.


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