A Battle of Saints and Angels 1.2

“Oh, ‘Mika, I know you can’t possibly understand, but everything I’ve done for the past four years has been to get what I deserve,” Gwenn said, not noticing Jamika’s movements with the knife. She suddenly twirled around, clutching the jar to her emaciated chest like it was her child; the absolute bliss on her face both deranged and saddening. “And what I deserve is your brother. I’ve loved him since he saved me from that bully Tristan Myers in the playground when we were eight years old. I swore right then that I would marry him. For years I tried to get him to be with me, to love me, but it was like he never even noticed. Why, ‘Mika? Is he gay or something?” Gwenn asked, her manic joy suddenly turning to angry desperation. Jamika could only stare at the other woman, her mouth agape. This is why Gwenn let a demon possess her little brother? This is why she killed a man and was willing to be possessed herself?

“Sebastian is asexual, Gwennie. He doesn’t like anyone like that!” There was more Jamika wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the words to express herself properly. That her own brother, as irritating and kind, overemotional and steadfast as he was, could be an object of such obsession was unthinkable.

“What do you mean he’s asexual? He’s a man not a plant,” Gwenn snapped. Jamika rolled her eyes, finally irritated enough to forget herself and reach out and grab Gwenn’s stick thin arms. “Of course you’d say something so fucking stupid. But I don’t know why I’m so surprised: you killed an innocent man in this idiotic quest to win my brother’s love.” Jamika said, shaking Gwenn harder and harder. Maybe if she shook her hard enough, knocked that pea sized brain around a little, the Gwenn she loved would return. Gwenn screamed. “Stop shaking me, you crazy bitch!” she hit Jamika hard in the chest with the jar, sending the young saint stumbling back and to her knees. Jamika looked down and saw the bloody imprint of the jar staining her shirt and spit at Gwenn.

“Me crazy? Says the stupid bitch who thinks a demon will help her. Raquel used you, and so will his friend. The minute you let that demon in, your life will be over and any chance you ever could’ve had with Sebastian will be lost!” Jamika screamed. Her eyes were burning and her cheeks were wet with tears she didn’t realize she was crying. Behind Gwenn, Gabriel suddenly materialized out of the darkness. Jamika got to her feet. Directly in front of her, Gwenn stood looking at her contemptuously. She held the bottom of the jar in the palm of one hand, the other locked firmly on the top as she prepared to open it. Behind her, Gabriel seemed to gather himself. He was still at the gremlins, about two hundred yards back, and Jamika wondered what he planned on doing if Gwenn opened the jar before he got to them. The knife was still in her hand. She flipped it open silently, but Gwenn wouldn’t have noticed even if the noise had been as loud as a gunshot. She was too deep in her victory and couldn’t know that he longtime friend was trying to make peace with the thought of killing her. Gwenn smiled.

“You’ll see, ‘Mika. When I have my powers, Sebastian will be mine. You’ll see how wrong you were, and we can go back to being a family. You’ll see.” Gwenn said, twisting the jar open just as Gabriel and Jamika lunged at her.


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