​The witch stood in her small circle and sighed in relief and exultation. Her ritual was a success. In a much bigger circle made of bones and ash and quartz, a creature much bigger crouched.
It was no easy thing, summoning a void creature. One had to have an intimate knowledge of the secrets of the stars. One had to peer into the boiling gas and fusing atoms and discern the space between. One had to grasp the absolute cold, the emptiness, in the deepest heart of the star with both hands and mold it into a form a three and four dimensional being could see and command. 
An unseen energy caused the candles of her protective circle to flicker and dim. Her breath caught, and she bit her lip. The creature slowly stood and focused bottomless eyes at her.
Its facial features were androgynous, not ugly but not quite pretty. It was solidly built, long of leg with elegant arms and a muscled chest. There were no breasts, but the witch knew better than to assume. It cocked its head and directed large empty eyesockets at her. There was a questioning air about the creature. She swallowed, gathered her courage, and nodded.
The creature smiled, revealing needle sharp teeth, and vanished smoke like through the open window.
For weeks after, news anchors were baffled by the large holes appearing in trees and buildings.