They were formed in the hearts of planets over millions of years. They started in the core, liquid diamond and other, harder minerals no human has ever seen. They were more metal than organic, and yet organic they were.

When they were born, they burst out of the ground in showers of molten lava and metal, raining sheets of rocks and crystals upon the verdant ground below. They took on the form of whatever the dominant life form was. If there were none, they became like sand on the wind and blew themselves up and away from those barren planets.

Only those with life would do. They would travel billions of light years, endure the utter cold of the void, to find a planet with even a speck of life. Once found, they would streak down in a shower of light, often delighting any intelligent life around, and burrow deep into the warm flesh of the living planet. There they would lay their eggs and begin the cycle anew.

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