Imagine the birth of a planet. It’s solar system is new, only a few hundred million years old. The light from its sun is weak and faltering but becoming brighter and stronger every solar day. The neighborhood is full of dust and ice and rocks shimmering and tumbling as they lazily race around the young star. There is silence.

The young planet has siblings. Two of its siblings lurk in wide orbits behind it. Looming gas giants, they grow larger and fatter every orbit completed. One begins to sing as its gravity finally pulls a burgeoning moon into its turbulent clouds. The song is triumphant and desperate, a keening song sung to their mother star.

She ignores it.

The other join in, a low and rumbling growl that breaks asteroids apart and sets the young planet to spinning. It begins to sing, high and joyous, a tribute to its siblings. The giants’ surfaces seem to tremble in excitement.

The star sighs and, gently, joins their song.

The first seeds of life are sown on the young planet.

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