The Fabric of the Universe is vast and thin. It is much like a silk scarf, beautiful and perhaps even now being worn around the neck of some great, unknowable god, one of many in a dark closet.

The Fabric of the Void, on the other hand, is thick and velvety, smooth like warm chocolate. It bolsters the Universe, gives it shadow and depth. It is the cold wind, the bite in the air, that causes the great god to reach for the scarf in the first place.

All Fabrics are made of Threads. The Threads of the Universe are far more precious than the matter that gives it sparkle and shine, wrinkles and folds. These Threads bind the Fabric, they are the Fabric though the individual is not aware of such. Born from the energy of souls sparking into being, the Universe expands and expands.

These Threads are the cause and end of the Universe.

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