Sea Micro Fic #8

What beauty lies in the depths of the sea! Sights that no human has ever laid eyes on. Bulbous white eyes that somehow glimmer in the pitch black of the deep. Teeth that grow sharper and more jagged the closer to the ocean bottom one gets.

Nameless horrors glide silently through the viscous water, the cold so complete it seeps all normal life away.

But nothing normal lives in these dark waters.

Fissures bloom like petals, their light, the warm and vital heart of the planet, dim and unable to pierce deeply into the utter dark of the ocean pressing down and around on all sides. Nowhere to go but downward and inward, crushed by the grip of the sea.

What creatures clung to those fissures, these small cracks of light in the unending dark? Do they dream of light, of the fluidity of the upper depths? Do they know that there is more to the world than their one burning, volcanic crevice lost in the expanse of the sea?

Do they care?


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