Ro floated through the emptiness of space, formless. They weren’t sentient, not truly, not in the way human beings are. Those creatures can only experience the present moment in the vast stream of time. Ro experienced everything all at once. 

Past, present, and future were one for Ro because Ro was the heart of a Black hole. A singularity, the core of such compressed and stress mass, has never been seen by a living thing. Not even the stars have glimpsed this single point of infinity. Ro was hidden, always.

Luminous eyes, glorious to behold if only someone could, opened up to the glorious panorama of the intricate web of the universe. Ro sighed and allowed themselves to stretch, a simple warping of space that would confound Earth scientists, across a small patch of the void they floated through. In their mind raced billions of thoughts and feelings. They examined each one, carefully considering the merit of each fleeting life and subsequent death of every star and particle they had ever consumed. None of these could override the growing hunger that ever plagued their whirling mind. 

Hungry, dissatisfied, Ro began the hunt.