Space Micro Fic #19

The god of the Void was lonely. Long ago, he used what life giving power he possessed to create whales and their place in the sea. His other half, his beautiful dark goddess of lifr, who created the multiverse against the dark canvas he made for her, gave him dominion over the depths and all who would travel upon it. In return, he looked with a kindly eye upon those strange creatures she crafted in his image.


He found them to be interesting. So full of pain and suffering, heedless of the gift their gorgeous maker had given them. Most were content to keep their heads down, to be acted upon. Those were the ones he liked to mess with the most. They were the ones who reacted so beautifully to the power he would give them, overturning worlds and galaxies with their newfound power or simply using what he handed out to improve the space around them.

He liked to let them build themselves up to a certain point before he would forsake them, and he always watched with great relish the events that followed.

The only ones he truly loved were those who sought him out for his own sake.

To those he gifted the multiverse itself.


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