Songs of Sea and Void 1/?

There was someone calling her name. Kadijah could hear the echoes of it on the wind, a lilting call that kept her from a well-deserved slumber. Beside her, her husband of only a scant few hours, Max, slept on, blissfully unaware of his new bride’s wakefulness. Affection tugged at her heart as she stared at him in the moonlight, and for a moment, the urge to settle down in the warm shelter of his arms overcame the call that woke her.

But only for a moment.

“Come to me, Kadijah.” Was that a man’s voice on the ocean breeze, she wondered as she silently slipped out of their bed and rushed, clad only in a pair of lace panties, out of her home and down the deserted streets of her sleeping town. Her mind was utterly focused on that faint voice, her body unable to ignore that soft command.

Seemingly in an instant, she found herself stepping foot on the dock farthest away from the town. Very few boats came to this particular dock, though the structure of it hadn’t suffered from this lack. The wood was smooth, as though freshly set, and there was hardly any creaking as she walked to its end. Once there, she stood and watched the moon slowly crest the dark horizon. It was silent, and the waves made little sound.

“Finally, you’ve come.” There was a young man on the dock. Kadijah wanted to gasp, to stumble back in surprise and horror at the sight of him, but her body would not obey her commands. Her knees buckled, and she slumped down next to him. Her eyes, the only free part of her, repeatedly swept over his form, took in his bare, well-formed chest, arms, and upper torso, the handsome features and dark, wet hair plastered to his skull and curling against his neck, the liquid black eyes that watched her with growing amusement, and, more than any other part of him, the long, muscular tail, like something between a shark and a killer whale, that began just below his bellybutton and dipped over the edge of the dock and into the inky water below.

This was the Sea God; she knew it in her bones.

Whatever force held her was loosened, and she sucked in a harsh breath, nearly hyperventilating as she scrambled to arrange herself in the proper respectful stance. A calloused hand, almost burning her with the heat that radiated from it, touched her bare shoulder, halting her frantic movements.

“There is no need for such formality between us, dear Kadijah. I am the one who summoned you here, after all,” he said, and she was surprised at the depth of his voice. She bit her lip and nodded, still too shocked and too terrified of offending the god to look up at him. The hand on her shoulder dipped down. Her eyes fixed on it, her breath caught in her throat, as the fingers gentled into a caress, smoothing down her collar and breastbone, skirting her ribcage before trailing up the silky undersides of her breasts. Shocked at the intimate touch, her head snapped up, and she stared at him wide eyed. The impassive face broke into a grin, and she shuddered at the sharp, jagged teeth he revealed.

He leaned forward, now fully cupping her breast in his hand, and pressed a kiss to the side of her mouth. This close, she could smell the salt crusted in his hair and the sea in his breath as it washed over her and caused wetness to pool, hot and achy, between her thighs. His resulting chuckle was the sound of distant thunder rolling in from an angry sea.

“Don’t worry: I’ll take good care of you.”

Kadijah’s eyes snapped open, and she jerked upright. She looked around frantically, a hand pressed to her chest in an attempt to calm her racing heart. It took several moments for the interior of the room to lose the strangeness that sleep and fear had given it, but eventually she recognized the bedroom she shared with her husband.

She looked down at herself, tentatively touched her neck, her breasts, the side of her mouth. What was that? Was it a dream? She slid out of the bed and checked her feet for signs of dirt. They were clean.

“Had to have been a dream,” she murmured, trying to convince herself. If that was a dream, then it was her most realistic one to date. She swore she could still feel the wood of the dock beneath her feet and his hand on her breast. Her hands smoothed down her body, doing their best to erase the tingling feel of his touch from her skin. It was a dream, most likely brought on by the stress of the marriage ceremony and her impending duties as the wife of the First Among Captains, who also doubled as mayor. It meant nothing at all.

“A dream of the Sea God is supposed to bring good luck,” she said hesitantly. She thought whoever coined that phrase must not have not met the same god as she. If the creature in her dream was the elusive Sea God, upon whom all those who made their living from the sea depended, then she could not imagine the sort of luck he actually brought with him. In her dream, she had been startled by the sight of him, having not seen the god since she was a small girl whose memories had lent a rosy sweetness to the form of what she was startled to realize was closer to monster than friend, and in the light of day, she was a little disgusted by the aching arousal he stirred in her. Even now, her thighs were slick with the evidence of that reaction. She snorted harshly and stalked off towards the shower.

“Kadijah! You up yet, sweetie?” Her husband called out, his voice a welcome distraction from the vestiges of the night. She smiled, and instantly all thoughts of her dream were forgotten.

“I’m headed to the shower, bae,” she called back and then paused, a small frown knitting the space between her eyebrows, before asking, “shouldn’t you have been out on the boat by now?” She could hear him moving around their small home, his footsteps heavy and sure as they approached her. She turned the shower on and rested her elbows on the counter.

“Have you looked outside yet?” He asked as he stepped into the open doorway and leaned against it.

Max was an attractive man, not exactly handsome, but appealing in a worn and steady way. He gave off the impression that he had weathered many storms and would endure still more with the same ease. He was the only one who did not honor the Sea God by tossing the best of his catch into the sea as an offering, and it was whispered among his men that he laughed and dared the Storm God to do her worst in the midst of any storm. He relied on his skill as a sailor and a fisherman to improve his fortune, and they were more than paying off. He had the love of his beautiful wife and the admiration of his crew and town to prove it.

“No, I just woke up. What’s out there?” She asked. He shrugged, a puzzled frown on his face and something like distant fear in his eyes.

“It’s weird. The tide hasn’t come in and,” he paused and looked back to the open room and the large window that looked out to the sea.

“The water is totally still.” She blinked at that and turned the words over in her mind to be certain of their meaning.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked. He shrugged and gestured towards the sea.

“I mean just that. The water isn’t moving, not even a little bit. And it’s quiet; not even the birds are going near it.” Absently, Kadijah shut off the shower and walked back in their bedroom and towards the large bay doors. Max hastily threw one of his button up shirts over her shoulders when she threw open the doors, and she pulled it closed with quiet thanks. Foreboding filled her stomach and sat there heavily as she stared at the beach.

Just as Max said, the tide was far out, much farther than normal. Boats lay on their sides all over the harbor, and she could see crewmembers scurrying like ants on all of them. The sea was perfectly still, like a bath that had been run and left to go cold. It held itself back in a razor sharp line, unnatural and unsettling, everywhere except –

“Is that -”

“Yeah, it’s the Fish King’s dock, and it’s the only place where the water comes in. I was just heading out there when I heard you get up,” Max said, oblivious to the way his wife suddenly stiffened and all the blood drained from her face, lending her rich brown skin an ashen pallor.  

“The…the Fish King’s dock?” She asked faintly. Max nodded and threw one muscular arm around her shoulders, pulling her firmly against his chest. Her hands came up of their own volition and gripped his forearm tightly.

“Yeah, everyone’s saying it’s an omen, so some of the other Captains from the Fishermen’s Council want to go down there and appeal to the Sea God,” he said, unable or unwilling to keep the undercurrent of contempt from his voice. Her grip on him tightened.

“You shouldn’t mock other people’s dearly held beliefs, Max, especially when it comes to their gods.” She said quietly. Her husband shifted behind her, his hands moving to massage her tense shoulders soothingly even as he snorted softly.

“Ah, my bad, baby. I just can’t help that I think it’s dumb to pray to a myth when everything I’ve ever gotten has been with my own two hands.” He said, and she wondered how he couldn’t feel the air become heavier with every word he spoke. A breeze swept in from the open doors, thick with salt and humidity and something that felt almost gleeful. She pushed away from him and scrounged around until she found a loose skirt to pull on. Slipping into a pair of sandals, Kadijah took her husband’s proffered hand, and the two walked out of their home and joined the throng of people heading towards the Fish King’s dock.

It was an unmercifully hot walk from their small home just off the beach to the Fish King’s dock at the end of the harbor. They joined the throng of worried townsfolk, the divers and jewelry makers, chefs and net weavers, mechanics and scientists, that were not engaged on the grounded ships as they made their way through the town. Most people were talking amongst themselves, showing each other the hastily made offerings they all carried, commenting on the designs of them and assuring each other that, yes the Sea God would love their offering and return the waters to them. Kadijah’s fingers brushed against the old whale bone and sea glass necklace her mother had given her as a child, taking comfort in the worn runes carved in each bone bead, and she wondered if the old heirloom would please the god she saw in her dreams. Occasionally, people would call out to the couple or come up to them and walk beside them, always asking the same nervous questions which Max would confidently answer.

“We have no idea what’s causing this, of course,” he would say, shocking the people around them with his cheerful admittance of his ignorance, “but we’re going at this from every angle, and I’m positive the situation will be resolved shortly.”

The crowd was thicker at the dock, people of all ages jostling each other as they placed their offerings along the dock’s edges and knelt to offer prayers of supplication, and it took some time for Max and Kadijah to work their way to the front of it. A smattering of the Council was there, the men and women doing their best to appear confident and unconcerned in front of the townsfolk, but Kadijah could see their worry as plain as day. Several of them visibly perked up when they caught sight of Max, and he hurried to join the tight knot of them.

“Thank the Storm God you’re here, Max,” Shasta, captain of the Feisty Mermaid, said as he approached. With the arrival of Max, five of the seven Captains of the Council were in attendance.

There was the aforementioned Shasta, her dreadlocked hair gathered into a high ponytail that swayed in the wind. Jocasta, captain of Arrakis and the youngest of the gathered captains, was biting her lip nervously and holding a driftwood figure to her chest, her other hand anxiously fiddling with the hem of her hijab. Paolo, captain of the Time Rider, stood closest to Shasta and had one arm carelessly draped over her shoulders, his multiple earrings glinting in the bright sunlight. Jose, captain of Merida, rounded the assembled group out, and it was he that stood closest to the edge of the dock with arms folded across his powerful chest and a pensive frown tugging his full lips down.

They all clasped hands, squinting into the harsh sunlight as they stared at each other. Max looked out past Jose and considered the strange sight before him. The water came up to the dock in a perfectly straight column no wider than the dock itself. Within it, fish and other sea life could be seen swimming around, but when anyone attempted to dip their hands in or made any movements towards the water, the animals would dart away as though in fear for their lives. Its surface was as still and calm as if the wind was not currently furiously blowing, and the juxtaposition of that caused a queer feeling to settle in the pit of Max’s stomach. Despite himself, he hoped this ridiculous appeal of theirs would work.

“Alright, guys, let’s do this,” Max said before lifting his voice in the beginning strains of the supplication to the Sea God.

“You have some nerve calling me thus,” an unsettlingly deep voice, like that of the radio crackle a distant quasar made in the middle of the night, called out from the edge of the dock. The captains released each other’s hands, breaking ranks and whipping around to stare, open-mouthed, at the figure that had appeared at the end of the dock.


Max could hardly believe what he was seeing. The creature (the god his mind whispered to him) was lounging at the end of the dock, its tail lazily dipping into the water and flicking it onto the wood surface. It was completely relaxed, utterly at ease as the people gasped and scrambled to their knees as they caught sight of it, many of them prostrating themselves or falling over senseless when its ink black eyes met theirs. His fellow captains were all kneeling before the creature, and Max could feel Jocasta not so subtly tugging on his pants in an attempt to get him to kneel as well. Grudgingly, he did so, sitting back on his heels and openly staring at the god.

The god tossed his head back, throwing his entire being into a long, cat-like stretch that enhanced the inhumanness of his form, before settling again into an easy slouch that did nothing to diminish the power that emanated from him.

“I will do you the kindness of telling you that this town has greatly offended me,” the god said, cocking his head and smiling gently when the gathered people collectively gasped and began fearfully whispering amongst themselves. Max felt anger begin to burn his insides at this display. This was a cruel god before him, to take such pleasure in the suffering of these innocent people. His fists balled at his sides.

“What can we do to earn your forgiveness, great god of the deep!” Someone yelled out from the crowd. The Sea God’s gentle smile turned indulgent, and he slowly swept his eyes over the shifting sea of humanity before him.

“Ahhhh,” the god drew the sound out, his smile growing wider to reveal teeth sharper and more jagged than any shark’s Max had ever seen, “thankfully, I am easily satisfied. Give me that woman there to lay with as I please, and I will bless this town for as long as I call her mine,” he said, pointing somewhere behind Max. He heard a familiar gasp and whipped his head around to see Kadijah, his beautiful wife, trembling behind him. The bottom of his stomach dropped, and his heart seemed to slow to a stop in his chest.

“M-Me?” She stuttered, eyes wide with disbelief and something that looked like resignation, as though she had been waiting for the creature to say this all along. The god hummed, seemingly agreeing with his unspoken thought, and Max saw it beckon her closer out of the corner of his eye.

“Yes, you. Come to me, Kadijah,” it said, its voice dropping several octaves and glittering black eyes becoming matte with intention. She took one halting step forward before Max caught her and pulled her against him. She sucked in a breath, tearing her eyes away from the creature with great difficulty, and tilted her head up to look at him. Max did not like the look on her face. She was pulling away from him, her entire body leaning towards the Sea God even as she gave Max all her attention. He shook her slightly, unable to help himself.

“What are you doing, baby? You can’t actually agree with this? This is crazy!” He shook her again because her eyes had wandered from his face to gaze at the god. Max shifted, blocking her view of the creature as much as he could, ignoring the angry murmurs of the townspeople behind him. This was his wife, for god’s sake! He wasn’t going to let some creature, some monster, fuck her whenever it wanted!

“There’s no choice, Max. He controls the fucking ocean in case you haven’t noticed! It’s not like I want to lay with him or whatever, but if it’s the only way he’ll give the fucking sea back, then you bet your ass I will; now let me go,” she snapped, jerking away from him, stumbling a little from the force of it. Instinctively, he reached out to steady her, and she let him, taking a moment to rest against him before pushing back and walking around him and toward the waiting god. He followed her movements, rooted to the spot, and noted how her shoulders seemed to tremble just that little bit. It soothed him to know that she wanted to do this as little as he wanted her to.

Kadijah hesitantly approached the Sea God and sat down next to it. Max growled low in his throat when the god leaned forward and pushed the loosely buttoned shirt off her shoulders, baring her heavy breasts in one fluid movement. He wanted to look away, to turn and get as far away from what he was witnessing as possible. He could pretend it was all a fever dream if he didn’t see it himself, but his legs wouldn’t move, his body refusing to obey his ever more frantic demands to move, move, move before he saw more than he could handle.

The god lightly gripped Kadijah’s chin between its index finger and thumb, gently coaxing her to tilt her head up to its’. The same thumb left her chin to caress her bottom lip, and her mouth parted, so sensual was the brief touch. Max again tried to turn away, at the very least close his eyes, but he could not. A force much stronger and greater than he was holding him still and forcing him to watch as the god brushed its mouth against his wife’s slowly, repeating this action again and again with increasing firmness until their mouths were moving together. It cupped the back of her head, tongue surging past her teeth as it deepened the kiss.

At first, Kadijah was a passive participant, merely moving her lips as the god did and letting him taste the fullness of her mouth as it pleased him, but it wasn’t long before her hands were tangled in the thick black hair at the base of his neck as she began to kiss him back, unaware of the low moans of enjoyment that were escaping her. The god (“Call me Levi,” he’d whispered against her lips when he began kissing her, his words low and deep and just for her) broke the kiss, leaving her gasping for breath while he planted hot, open mouthed kisses along her throat and shoulders. He held her firmly in his arms, tilting her head back to arch her neck, exposing the tender skin at the junction of her neck and shoulder to his hungry gaze.

Gently, he scraped his serrated teeth across the tender skin, lapping up the blood that welled up before suckling the wound until it and the surrounding area were a lovely and unmistakable love mark that would not fade for months to come. He repeated this process, traveling lower and lower until Kadijah was spread beneath him on the surface of the dock. She was panting, her dark eyes wide with arousal and the vestiges of fear, but it was obvious that lust was winning the battle when she subtly arched her back to bring his attention to the gorgeous breasts before him. It was not difficult for him to indulge her, greedily sucking one nipple into his hot mouth while he rolled the other between his fingers. Her moan then was much louder, and the Sea God spared a glance upward to see her husband still rooted where he left him, jealousy and betrayal already eating the human alive. A low chuckle rumbled in his chest, and his hand left her breast to smooth down her body.

“Raise and open your legs for me, sweet girl,” he murmured against her and was gratified when she quickly obeyed. Her husband choked on his own voice trapped in his throat when he saw how easily, and even eagerly, his dear wife was submitting to the Sea God’s touch, and the god smiled even as he was still gently suckling her breast. He slowly massaged her inner thigh, releasing her nipple to lick and kiss up her neck, sucking the underside of her jaw as his fingers pushed the seat of her panties to the side and stroked the length of her.

“Ohhh!” She cried out, shutting her eyes and throwing one arm over them as he teased her slit. Her other arm looped around his shoulder, and her fingers dug between his shoulder blades, the nails biting when his thumb found her clit and relentlessly massaged it. He kissed her again, more deeply than before, groaning as she wiggled her hips this way and that in an attempt to force his questing fingers to enter her.

“Do you like this, sweet girl,” he asked, avidly watching her face contort with pleasure and frustration. She kept jerking her hips up, following his fingers with growing desperation, moaning and thrashing beneath him as he built her up and refused to let her go over the edge of her orgasm.

“I like it, Levi! I like it so much, please, please, I need you inside!” She cried, her lovely voice a high, keening whine. He smiled and removed his hand from her panties, chuckling at the unhappy noise she made as a result.

“You want me to fill you, sweet Kadijah?” He growled, and she nodded earnestly, her eyes nearly scalding him with their intensity. He rolled over onto his back, exposing the pale underbelly of his tail. There was a slit, close to where his groin would be were he human, and it parted to let his penis extend out. For a long moment, all Kadijah could do was stare while the organ reached, what she dearly hoped was, its full length. It was long and white, almost translucent and jarring compared to the golden brown of his upper half and the dark patterns of his tail. She could see the engorged veins heavy with blood, and it seemed to twitch under her stare. She swallowed, anxious. Did he really expect her to put that inside her? She met his void black eyes and flushed, once again aware of the unbearable ache between her legs as well as the responsibility she bore. This was something she had to do or people would suffer. She couldn’t have that guilt on her heart.

Kadijah quickly dragged her panties off and swung her leg over his tail to straddle him. She settled against him, gasping as his shaft eagerly pressed against her. His hands settled on her hips, and he watched her expectantly. Sighing unevenly, she reached between them and lined him up with her hole, pausing just long enough to gather her courage before impaling herself on his throbbing shaft.

“So thick,” she groaned as the god filled her. She braced her hands on his chest as she slowly took the entirety of his thick length inside, unable to keep quiet as more and more of her pussy was stimulated by him. Great Leviathan, he even felt differently inside her than a normal cock did; the skin covering his shaft felt slippery and smooth like the belly of a fish, almost rubbery in texture. The head of him was narrow, seeming to have a mind of its own as it curled this way and that, flicking the hard nub of her clitoris and teasing her opening before she’d pushed it inside. It was as if she could feel every bump and ridge of the hard flesh, so hot as it curved up and up, making her gasp, making her want to scream as she took inch after throbbing inch into her dripping sheath. He felt so big in her, so good; she had never been stretched like this, filled like this. She was teetering on the edge of climax, and all he had done was fill her.

“You’re as wet as the ocean,” he breathed, and she felt blood rush to her face, embarrassed. He smiled at her reaction, the expression soft and genuine, and Kadijah was struck for the first time by the beauty of the god beneath her.

Strong hands gripped her ass cheeks firmly and began bouncing her on the dick inside her, punching out loud, lewd groans of enjoyment from her with every stroke. She threw her head back, arching into the hands that squeezed her breasts, thrilling at the deep voice that praised and encouraged her, totally unaware that the god was no longer leading her and that it was she who was riding him, begging him to give her more and more even as her husband and fellow townsfolk watched in astonished silence.

“You’re going to come for me now,” Levi growled, eyes narrowed to slits and jagged shark teeth bared in a snarl. Kadijah did as she was told, her pussy clamping down on him as she came with a choked wail, oblivious to the fingers that gripped her so tightly that the skin was already bruising, only aware of the cock pulsing inside her as the Sea God filled her with his seed in several harsh thrusts.

The god released Max from his power, and the man dropped to his knees once more. His eyes were burning; he didn’t think he’d been able to close them even once during the ordeal. He massaged his forehead, vaguely aware that he was in some form of shock, before looking up at the prone pair. His wife was still straddling the god. Her skirt was a tangled mess around her waist, and her breasts were pressed between her and the muscular chest of the god, who was idly petting her bare back with one hand and squeezing her ass with the other. Of her face, he could only see her mouth, the rest being buried in the crook of the Sea God’s neck. The god was speaking to her, lowly murmuring in her hair, and she was nodding slowly, her hand occasionally flexing on the ball of his shoulder. He was still inside her; Max could tell by the subtle shifting of her hips, a sort of helpless little roll, as if she wanted more than what had been given. As if what was given wasn’t enough, Max thought miserably.

He wanted to be angry, at her or the god, he wasn’t sure, but all he could do was watch as the Sea God pulled her up to kiss her again, could only stare as the creature rolled until they were laying on their sides, Kadijah’s leg thrown over his tail, her heel catching on the small dorsal fin and digging in as the god began to grind against her, shoving into her with short, undulating strokes. Max had caught a glimpse of the god’s cock when he rolled onto his back, and it had reminded him uncomfortably of a killer whale’s. Hysterically, he found himself hoping that the resemblance was in appearance only and not in length so that his beloved wife wasn’t being harmed while the god thoroughly fucked her.

There was no urgency in their lovemaking this time, and several times Max saw the Sea God slow to a near halt so that he could devote more attention to kissing and caressing the woman in his arms, openly admiring the rippling muscles in her back and arms, burying his hand in her hair and letting the braids pour from his fingers like water. He held her close, tucked her leg higher and tighter against him so that his every thrust rubbed her pouting clit, winding her tighter and tighter until she was begging him to take her faster, to go deeper, harder, writhing against the hands on her back and ass like a worm caught on a hook. The Sea God gave it to her, rolling so that she was fully on her back and he between her legs, using his powerful arms to create the motion he needed to repeatedly slam into her, helped along by her hips eagerly working to receive him.

She was much quieter when she climaxed beneath the Sea God, merely riding out her pleasure with a broken sigh, pressing her face into the god’s forearm as her sleek walls fluttered around him and pulled his orgasm out of him in several short, jerky spasms. The Sea God pulled out of her then, smiling faintly at the small moan of loss it unwillingly drew from her throat, and stretched out beside her, his penis slowly retracting back into its slit, glistening with their combined fluids. Kadijah lay where the god had left her, barely twitching when he gently tugged her skirt down over her cum covered thighs and covered her chest with her husband’s shirt. He pressed a kiss to her forehead before directing his attention to the townsfolk who hadn’t had the sense, or the ability in Max’s case, to leave.

“I am satisfied for the moment, so I will give you back the sea,” he said calmly, a pleased grin curving his mouth when the people saw that, yes, the tide had come in and the harbor was once again as it should be, “so long as this woman is mine, this town will flourish under my tender care.” Finished speaking, the god swept his eyes over the humans once more, pausing for the briefest moment to focus laughing black eyes on Max, before leaping high into the air and diving neatly into the warm water below.



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