The egg was nestled in a dusty jar, settled in the far back of an overfull cupboard bulging with dusty tin cans and dirtier jars. Little light reached the egg, and the incubus was glad of it: no real children could be born after being drenched in sun, and play, and laughter.

Every fortnight, the incubus pushed away the jars and cans that hid his precious treasure from view. He would pick it up, weigh it carefully in his hands, the strength of his claws spreading fine cracks in the glass, and peer with his star bright eyes into the murky contents of the jar, showing needle sharp teeth in a wide, pleased grin as the being within grew steadily.

It would not be much longer now.

Sleek, sapphire blue skin covered taut muscles, and down soft black fur blurred the fine edges of his lower half until those he frequently seduced (and less frequently devoured) could not be sure whether or not their phantom lover had been equipped with human feet or something more animalistic. A sweeping tail curled and flicked lazily behind him as he stalked the hallways of his home, gathering the softest blankets and the choicest meats from here and there, all in preparation for the child growing in the jar.

There was silence in the home, nothing left alive in preparation for this moment. The incubus waited with bated breath, form trembling, mouth slowly turning into a gaping maw, skin bright with pulsating lines of light as he crouched just beneath the jar stuffed full with new, hungry life.


The jar burst open, shards of glass and blood and fluid gushing out and splattering onto every surface. A wet thud as the infant fell to the ground next to its father’s paws.



Star bright eyes met void black, and the infant, the newborn child only seconds old, opened its mouth in a wide grin, a hungry light not so different from its father’s glinting from deep within the infinitely dark depths. The incubus slowly picked the child up and cradled it close, normally flat chest gorged and wet with blood and milk, the perfect combination for a growing succubus child.

There was much to teach and not much time to teach it in, but for now, the incubus and child would rest.


via Daily Prompt: Incubate


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