Space Micro Fic #21

A moment, a silent second, and all the world changed. To a clan such as theirs, a moment was an eternity. How time was measured by the lesser lived, by those who counted their lives by the turnings of planets and satellites, could not come close to accounting for the eons that their lives spanned. A second of their time was as a day on Earth. A youngster of their clan would not cut their first tooth before three civilizations had risen and fallen on the planets of the lower densities.

Such was the childhood of a celestial dragon.

One such youngster, finally old enough to get away from the middle of the clan movements where hatchlings congregated, was named Aya. Born in the aging heart of a yellow star on the edge of the Bootes Void, she had traversed only the smallest portion of her clan’s territory. Her scales were only just losing the luminescence of youth and taking on the light sucking mirror finish of adulthood. She was a glorious mosaic of light and dark.

Between her claws rested a treasure, one she staled her life to get. Passing by the outskirts of the Milky Way, she had seized her chance and dropped her vibrational resonance long enough to pluck, kicking and screaming, terrified and shaking, one of the dense little creatures of a blue planet from its home and kept it, safe and secret, in the palm of her cradled claws.

One the edge of the sliver ribbon of her clan, she opened her claws, curious to see her prize.

Only stardust greeted her, quickly blown away in the interstellar breeze.


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