Moving! Sorta…

So! You'll have noticed that I haven't been the MOST active here lately and that's because I'm the worst sort of writer in the world. I have a TON of flash fiction stored up, especially for my patreon patrons but that's the thing: it's for my patrons. So that being said. If you enjoy my … Continue reading Moving! Sorta…


Space Micro Fic # 22

The sun kissed the moon, skin burned away, moonlight dark eyes and freckled lips blistering and burning under a plush mouth and plasma tongue. They’ve been lovers for three billion years. The jealous Earth has kept them apart, a raging love triangle started ever since supple Rhea slammed into old Earth long ago and scrambled … Continue reading Space Micro Fic # 22


A time lost in shadows Speaks of a young woman Clothes in starlight Armored with void dust; Her sword the elegant curve of spacetime Her feet as swift as angel wings Her eyes two blazing supernovae Her skin as black and as rich as space itself. She, who the stars sang lilting lullabies to in … Continue reading She