Songs of Sea and Void 4

Jocasta was finally, finally done with Max. For three weeks their town and their livelihoods had been suffering, and it was all very definitely his fault. The day after Max refused to let Kadijah do her duty by the Leviathan, the local fishermen, freedivers, and scavengers went out as they normally did only to return … Continue reading Songs of Sea and Void 4


Songs of Sea and Void 3

  By the time the Sea Storm Festival rolled around, Max was ready to get on his ship and sail away from Reach forever. The previous week had been nothing short of hellish for him, and it didn’t fail that he went home every night boiling with suppressed rage. Everywhere he went, he was followed … Continue reading Songs of Sea and Void 3


The legends had it that the universe was the product of the Leviathan and the Timeless Lady’s lovemaking. The stars and galaxies the void god’s cum splashed and smeared across the goddess’s gorgeous ass and thighs, existing only in the time it took the Leviathan to lovingly wipe her clean. High priests busied themselves with … Continue reading Rituals