Like Songs of Sea and Void, Relapse is a work of fiction that I’m hoping to publish. I haven’t quite decided whether or not it’s going to go the same erotic route that Songs has, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Relapse is a story where I incorporate my darker interests: in demons, in control, in religious beliefs too to a point. The main characters so far are

  • Arrakis, an Incubus who longs for absolution and in the pursuit of that goal has become a preacher to a small nondenominational church.
  • Tamika, a young woman with her own personal religious demons whose trying to break free of her father’s emotional abuse and learn what it means to be free

So, there’s a lot of potential for my patented messiness, but we’ll see! My hope with both these stories is to self publish via Amazon, so when they’re done, I’ll be sure to post a link for you good people to purchase if you so desire, and I will be posting updates as well as excerpts throughout my writing process!

As always, feel free to send me an email for further details, or feedback on what I post.


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