Songs of Sea and Void

Over the past year, I’ve made noises about being in the process of writing something a little bit longer than the micro fics you all know me for. Well, that’s culminated in the creation of two writing projects.

Songs of Sea and Void is what I would call my baby. It’s a merging together of all my different interests as a writer: space, the ocean, gods, and romance (and the places love can take us).

There are three main characters whose lives become intimately entwined together:

  • Kadijah – sea nomad
  • Max – First Among Captains
  • The Leviathan – a god of sea and void

There is so much to learn about one’s own heart, what you can withstand and endure for the sake of those you love…and even for the sake of those you hate.

Below, I’ve included a small excerpt from the very beginning of this novel to kind of show you what I’m about, and what it’s about. Be warned! This is an erotic tale, and I don’t intend to shy away from that in my story telling. As of September 19, 2017 I have 22.6 thousand words written for this. My goal is to write at least 40k before I think about publishing, but I will be giving updates as often as I can.

Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions.

There was someone calling her name. Kadijah could hear the echoes of it on the wind, a lilting call that kept her from a well-deserved slumber. Beside her, her husband of only a scant few hours, Max, slept on, blissfully unaware of his new bride’s wakefulness. Affection tugged at her heart as she stared at him in the moonlight, and for a moment, the urge to settle down in the warm shelter of his arms overcame the call that woke her.

But only for a moment.

“Come to me, Kadijah.” Was that a man’s voice on the ocean breeze, she wondered as she silently slipped out of their bed and rushed, clad only in a pair of lace panties, out of her home and down the deserted streets of her sleeping town. Her mind was utterly focused on that faint voice, her body unable to ignore that soft command.

Seemingly in an instant, she found herself stepping foot on the dock farthest away from the town. Very few boats came to this particular dock, though the structure of it hadn’t suffered from this lack. The wood was smooth, as though freshly set, and there was hardly any creaking as she walked to its end. Once there, she stood and watched the moon slowly crest the dark horizon. It was silent, and the waves made little sound.

“Finally, you’ve come.” There was a young man on the dock. Kadijah wanted to gasp, to stumble back in surprise and horror at the sight of him, but her body would not obey her commands. Her knees buckled, and she slumped down next to him. Her eyes, the only free part of her, repeatedly swept over his form, took in his bare, well-formed chest, arms, and upper torso, the handsome features and dark, wet hair plastered to his skull and curling against his neck, the liquid black eyes that watched her with growing amusement, and, more than any other part of him, the long, muscular tail, like something between a shark and a killer whale, that began just below his bellybutton and dipped over the edge of the dock and into the inky water below.

This was the Sea God; she knew it in her bones.

Whatever force held her was loosened, and she sucked in a harsh breath, nearly hyperventilating as she scrambled to arrange herself in the proper respectful stance. A calloused hand, almost burning her with the heat that radiated from it, touched her bare shoulder, halting her frantic movements.

“There is no need for such formality between us, dear Kadijah. I am the one who summoned you here, after all,” he said, and she was surprised at the depth of his voice. She bit her lip and nodded, still too shocked and too terrified of offending the god to look up at him. The hand on her shoulder dipped down. Her eyes fixed on it, her breath caught in her throat, as the fingers gentled into a caress, smoothing down her collar and breastbone, skirting her ribcage before trailing up the silky undersides of her breasts. Shocked at the intimate touch, her head snapped up, and she stared at him wide eyed. The impassive face broke into a grin, and she shuddered at the sharp, jagged teeth he revealed.

He leaned forward, now fully cupping her breast in his hand, and pressed a kiss to the side of her mouth. This close, she could smell the salt crusted in his hair and the sea in his breath as it washed over her and caused wetness to pool, hot and achy, between her thighs. His resulting chuckle was the sound of distant thunder rolling in from an angry sea.

“Don’t worry: I’ll take good care of you.”



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