Moving! Sorta…

So! You'll have noticed that I haven't been the MOST active here lately and that's because I'm the worst sort of writer in the world. I have a TON of flash fiction stored up, especially for my patreon patrons but that's the thing: it's for my patrons. So that being said. If you enjoy my … Continue reading Moving! Sorta…


Sea Micro Fic # 12

Push, pull. Push, pull. Push, pull. The goddess of the ocean rode the waves of the sea. Push. For four billion years, the cool waters of the Earth have been her home, murky and dark and not always quiet. He others goddesses have not always been the most quiet of companions. Their whispers, laughter, shouting, … Continue reading Sea Micro Fic # 12


The legends had it that the universe was the product of the Leviathan and the Timeless Lady’s lovemaking. The stars and galaxies the void god’s cum splashed and smeared across the goddess’s gorgeous ass and thighs, existing only in the time it took the Leviathan to lovingly wipe her clean. High priests busied themselves with … Continue reading Rituals