Songs of Sea and Void 2

Kadijah was shaking like a leaf by the time she and Max entered their home. He was carrying her, and as soon as he set her down, she was stumbling on shaky legs to their bathroom. The sound of her dry heaving and crying soon filled the silence. Max quietly shut the front door and … Continue reading Songs of Sea and Void 2


Songs of Sea and Void 1/?

There was someone calling her name. Kadijah could hear the echoes of it on the wind, a lilting call that kept her from a well-deserved slumber. Beside her, her husband of only a scant few hours, Max, slept on, blissfully unaware of his new bride's wakefulness. Affection tugged at her heart as she stared at … Continue reading Songs of Sea and Void 1/?

Sea micro fic #5

Contrary to popular belief, Sirens and Merfolk are the same species. The confusion is understandable: Sirens being of a more bird like appearance while merpeople obviously favored the sea. A peculiar transformation takes place on the night of the new moon. The sea must be perfectly still, not even a ripple from the winds can … Continue reading Sea micro fic #5