Sea Micro Fic # 13

Bright light, low waves washing up on the dark blue scales of a mermaid tail. Sand dusted her from muscular, thrashing fin to sharp, claw tipped fingers clawing the soft beach as she struggled to pull herself up and further up out of the icy water. Victory burned deep in her chest, warming her. She … Continue reading Sea Micro Fic # 13


Songs of Sea and Void 1/?

There was someone calling her name. Kadijah could hear the echoes of it on the wind, a lilting call that kept her from a well-deserved slumber. Beside her, her husband of only a scant few hours, Max, slept on, blissfully unaware of his new bride's wakefulness. Affection tugged at her heart as she stared at … Continue reading Songs of Sea and Void 1/?